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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Fox God

The Valley of the Suns

Orly inside the pods.

As Orly got older she began to explore more & more discovering many different strange creatures, characters & trees.
Orly once found herself chatting away to a tree that told her many different stories. Eventually Orly noticed that there were strange shaped pods attached to the tree like leaves. She asked what they were for and the tree replied saying that they were especially designed for sleeping inside. Orly asked why no-one was sleeping in them & the tree said, "because it is not right time my child"
Orly asked if she could try one out and the tree replied "of course." So she stepped inside the pod & instantly fell asleep.

Orly & the Hare


This is Orly as she was rescued from the Lake of Tears.

She's my Fave

The Companions

Aura's (The Companions)