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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Wolf

Orly held on tight to the wolf even though she knew she couldn't follow him anymore.

The Animal Tree

This is The Animal Tree..Every creature moves with one an other creating any shape..The tree is always moving and morphing constantly.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Living Tree

The Living Tree constantly grows and moves morphing into one thing or another.. Things constantly seeping through a constant cycle. A flowing cycle.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Fox God

The Valley of the Suns

Orly inside the pods.

As Orly got older she began to explore more & more discovering many different strange creatures, characters & trees.
Orly once found herself chatting away to a tree that told her many different stories. Eventually Orly noticed that there were strange shaped pods attached to the tree like leaves. She asked what they were for and the tree replied saying that they were especially designed for sleeping inside. Orly asked why no-one was sleeping in them & the tree said, "because it is not right time my child"
Orly asked if she could try one out and the tree replied "of course." So she stepped inside the pod & instantly fell asleep.

Orly & the Hare


This is Orly as she was rescued from the Lake of Tears.

She's my Fave

The Companions

Aura's (The Companions)

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Autumn (the Fox)

The Fox lives in the Foxtail tree... This is something like a weeping willow but its the wrong way around and a bit stumpier.... The foxes tree is quite autumnal as it is always shedding leaves even though it never has any on it... The fox tail tree is the tree the seasons forgot... Except autumn who arrived and stayed. Autumn kind of got lost there. Autumn is also the name of the fox who lives there, he doesn't know that he himself is a season so he doesn't seem to mind that he is staying put. Occasionally the other seasons come along to try and move him on but he has forgotten who they are.

Autumn the fox is cunning, shy, forgetful, thoughtful, peaceful, and moody.

Skull Owl (Companion)

This is one of The Companions from my story 'The Forest'This creature is constantly looking out.. He is the eyes of the forest and can take on many forms

Monday, 29 March 2010


Magic Orly


Glow Owl

The Guardian

Lake of Tears

Orly means droplets of water dripping down a leaf then dropping onto the floor, joining the rest of the water.
Orly was found on a leaf by Sylvia (Sylvi) the lady cat..

Well, Orly was rescued really as she was just about to slip into the Lake of Tears... If she had of disappeared into the lake she too would have become a tear & would find herself dripping out of human's eye's forever & so on & so forth.....

There are many different types of tears in the lake, each equal and different strength of sadness... Pale blue is a slight melancholy due to film watching or storytelling, dark blue is stronger, heartbreak or extreme sadness of loss or self pity.... Purple is the most extreme. Not spoken of in the forest, as if spoken of it can actually cause this amongst humans or the creatures of the forest. So it is very unfair and frowned upon in the forest... Pale blue is the most common tear thankfully, although some days the lake runs entirely navy blue or purple.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Totem Army

Moon Hunters

Bats and Moths

The nocturnal moon hunters travel to moon peak.
The moth’s wings are made from stained glass windows.
From Moon Peak the moths can sometimes see Kaleidoscope Eclipse. It would take them exactly one year to fly there but because it is so elusive they can lose it at any time which is life threatening for them.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Turbo Wolf

Turbo Wolf (Dreaming Sleeping Wolf)

When Orly is asleep the turbo wolf visits her in her dreams..

Orly’s dreams are the same as real life. Everything that happens in her dreams is just as real as her waking hours, although the surroundings are very different and less coherent.

The Forest News

Orly's Dream Cabinet


Forest Army

The Furniture Army

Thy Diamond Range

The Diamond Range is the home to the Demon Sun…
Anything that steps foot onto the diamond range immediately starts to turn into diamonds and then can be lost in an area of the diamond range called the black diamond range for an extremely long time.

Also if someone were to slip while this was happening could break into thousands of pieces making it virtually impossible to escape. To understand what this would be like you have to imagine how it would feel if you had thousands of eyes with your mind still working behind them scattered all over an enormous range unable to move constantly awake and thinking. No limbs to move just you and your thoughts trapped forever. ( Unless someone can find you )

In a situation like this the strength of your mind could truly be realised. In the forest it is believed that only one person has managed to summon the power to gather all their fragments together and become themselves once again.. We will maybe discover this person if the story is true later on in the history of this story.

Kaleidoscope One

One of the many kaleidoscope's Orly sees on her way to kaleidoscope eclipse


Her strategies are always flawed leaving her to prey only on newcomers and even they realize that her loneliness is the only reason for her chameleon type behavior... Once you get to know her she is really very kind and humorous.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

These are the volcanoes you have to pass as you walk towards 'The Valley of the Suns' this is a very dangerous realm to due to its heat, but there are many treasures here that can be found and used as they contain healing qualities.. Such as (Snowflake Obsidian)

Demon Sun

The Demon Sun

The Demon Sun takes on many forms…
When it thinks it is going to capture someone or something, it drips…
The drips are tiny glints of diamonds that it is crushing as it becomes excited about its catch.

The Demon Sun is a faceless being and lures people in, in many strange ways..
The reason that it does this is to feed upon beings that are real and that have real emotions…

The Sun sucks up their energy until they too have become pieces of diamonds that just get added to the mountains of diamonds that the sun has previously collected.

What the Demon Sun hasn’t realised is that the energy it thinks it is absorbing is completely useless to it. It gives the sun a small rush and then it feels the same and will always feel this way.

The Demon Sun is an enormous empty vessel full of lifelessness like a portable black hole…

When someone escapes the Demon Sun both the sun and the mountains of the diamond range shatter and fall to pieces. As soon as the person turns their back to run away the sun and the mountains immediately rebuild themselves and take on another form. In some cases no soon as someone has escaped than they are tricked back into this realm. The Diamond range can render itself completely invisible and because it can gather itself up so quickly it can swoop you back even before your back on the ground.

The Demon sun roams around the skies of the forest. It is a deceptive sun that lures people away from safety & hypnotises them. When it hypnotises people it changes form much to their terror and shifts them into new and horrifying realms.

Orly (the main character in the forest) has been given a necklace by her guardian in the shape of both the sun and the moon that can warn her if the Demon sun approaches. Orly too has to be very careful as the sun takes on many forms that even she can't recognise.