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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Demon Sun

The Demon Sun

The Demon Sun takes on many forms…
When it thinks it is going to capture someone or something, it drips…
The drips are tiny glints of diamonds that it is crushing as it becomes excited about its catch.

The Demon Sun is a faceless being and lures people in, in many strange ways..
The reason that it does this is to feed upon beings that are real and that have real emotions…

The Sun sucks up their energy until they too have become pieces of diamonds that just get added to the mountains of diamonds that the sun has previously collected.

What the Demon Sun hasn’t realised is that the energy it thinks it is absorbing is completely useless to it. It gives the sun a small rush and then it feels the same and will always feel this way.

The Demon Sun is an enormous empty vessel full of lifelessness like a portable black hole…

When someone escapes the Demon Sun both the sun and the mountains of the diamond range shatter and fall to pieces. As soon as the person turns their back to run away the sun and the mountains immediately rebuild themselves and take on another form. In some cases no soon as someone has escaped than they are tricked back into this realm. The Diamond range can render itself completely invisible and because it can gather itself up so quickly it can swoop you back even before your back on the ground.

The Demon sun roams around the skies of the forest. It is a deceptive sun that lures people away from safety & hypnotises them. When it hypnotises people it changes form much to their terror and shifts them into new and horrifying realms.

Orly (the main character in the forest) has been given a necklace by her guardian in the shape of both the sun and the moon that can warn her if the Demon sun approaches. Orly too has to be very careful as the sun takes on many forms that even she can't recognise.

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