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Monday, 29 March 2010

Lake of Tears

Orly means droplets of water dripping down a leaf then dropping onto the floor, joining the rest of the water.
Orly was found on a leaf by Sylvia (Sylvi) the lady cat..

Well, Orly was rescued really as she was just about to slip into the Lake of Tears... If she had of disappeared into the lake she too would have become a tear & would find herself dripping out of human's eye's forever & so on & so forth.....

There are many different types of tears in the lake, each equal and different strength of sadness... Pale blue is a slight melancholy due to film watching or storytelling, dark blue is stronger, heartbreak or extreme sadness of loss or self pity.... Purple is the most extreme. Not spoken of in the forest, as if spoken of it can actually cause this amongst humans or the creatures of the forest. So it is very unfair and frowned upon in the forest... Pale blue is the most common tear thankfully, although some days the lake runs entirely navy blue or purple.

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