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Friday, 26 March 2010

Thy Diamond Range

The Diamond Range is the home to the Demon Sun…
Anything that steps foot onto the diamond range immediately starts to turn into diamonds and then can be lost in an area of the diamond range called the black diamond range for an extremely long time.

Also if someone were to slip while this was happening could break into thousands of pieces making it virtually impossible to escape. To understand what this would be like you have to imagine how it would feel if you had thousands of eyes with your mind still working behind them scattered all over an enormous range unable to move constantly awake and thinking. No limbs to move just you and your thoughts trapped forever. ( Unless someone can find you )

In a situation like this the strength of your mind could truly be realised. In the forest it is believed that only one person has managed to summon the power to gather all their fragments together and become themselves once again.. We will maybe discover this person if the story is true later on in the history of this story.

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